Bringing New Life To Board Games

Here’s a quick and easy idea to breathe some new life into the tired old board games your kids want to keep playing over and over. Use Lego minifigures as your game board pieces!




After my kids trashed the paper cutout players for Chutes and Ladders, and have almost somehow lost all of the Candy Land players, I finally realized that I had a treasure trove of exciting new players at my disposal, Lego minifigures! Just grab your favorite characters or maybe you can create personalized figures of yourselves to play your games for you! My kids are obsessed with “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so we used our Jack and Sally minifigures this time. These are custom made by the fine folks at but any minifigs you have will do perfectly! Maybe Yoda and Darth Vader can duke it out in a game of Monopoly!

Have fun digging into your minifig collection and remember, board games are not dead. 🙂




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