Results Are In – Lego Science Lab Build Competition

Recently I posted about my Lego Tesla’s Lab creation that I submitted to Radley’s Lego competition. I received an email from a representative at Radley’s, quoted here.

Unfortunately, it is with great regret that I have to tell you that your entry didn’t win the competition – but you are one of the few who will receive a special mention, as we enjoyed your entry so much. You will also be featured on a gallery on our website alongside all of the other entrants. Feel free to share this with your friends and family so that they can all see your amazing work. You can also get more information on the winners of all categories here

We started this competition for various reasons: to keep children busy during the summer holidays, to get girls to explore a field that they may have thought was closed to them, and to get children interested in science – after all science is fascinating! For all adults it’s an excuse to get you guys to have some fun, and to feel that same childhood type of excitement again.

Whatever the reason you took part, we hope you had a wonderful time making your spectacular creations, it truly was a difficult decision.

So that was a bummer not to win, BUT, after checking out the gallery of all the entries they posted, and there were MANY, I found that my project was listed first behind the winner in the special mention section, which tells me they enjoyed it quite a lot. And seeing the other projects I could tell they certainly must have had a very difficult time choosing a winner because there were several I thought were really impressive and very detailed.

So again, here’s a link to the results page:!

My entry is down the page in Level 3, and if you click on the link provided it will take you to a full gallery of all the entries in this category. Mine will be in the beginning starting off the special mention section. I’m quite proud of this considering some of the other entries which were just spectacular, so that’s pretty cool.



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