May The Fourth Be With You…

This year I’ve had fun coming up with little Lego scenes featuring myself and my wife as mini figures to celebrate certain holidays. And while May 4th isn’t exactly a holiday, it is a day for nerds everywhere to remember that they still love Star Wars. 

Fans of Star Wars will recognize everything in the picture but just to add a little commentary I’ll explain the image. I used the Mos Eisley cantina as the setting, it makes a great background full of familiar characters. I threw together a couple tables with chairs to fill the place out. I had a bunch of stormtroopers so decided to insert my wife and I as stormtroopers enjoying some time out, and with the family! The little stormtrooper cadet is our daughter Scarlett and she is holding a teddy bear, representing our 4 month old son Bear. šŸ˜„ And I brought my guitar in hopes of jamming with the Bith musicians.

These are fun for me to get a chance to play and use my collection for something creative, and really fun to personalize it. Enjoy these “behind the scenes” shots, one of the whole scene I created and one of Scarlett checking her mini fig self out and playing with the set (after pictures were taken of course).


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little contribution and tribute to the May 4th nerd holiday, thanks for checking it out!



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