The Gift of Music

A few months ago, my wife was days away from giving birth to our second child. She posted a video of a Native American flute player to my Facebook page saying it would be good to have him present during the birth. 🙂 I’m half Native American so I know she meant this as a joke but obviously there’s truth to it, soothing sounds would do nothing but help in that situation. An acquaintence of ours from high school who has knowledge and experience with flutes saw this, and being the sweet and generous person she is, offered to gift our family with a flute from her collection.

Native Flute 1

It is a Stellar brand Native American flute made from red cedar in the key of G, with a custom made block carved by the giver, Tee. It is really beautiful.


Flute 3

It plays really well, and offers a beautiful sound that is very soothing. For years I’ve wanted to get a flute like this, but never pulled the trigger. This was an incredible surprise and I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the gesture. I started playing it right away, and was able to make some nice sounds despite not having any experience. My 2 year old daughter loves it and my 3 month old son perks up as well when he hears it, and I enjoy being able to pick it up from time to time and breathe into it and see what comes out. It’s great having a small, organic instrument around that is easily accessible and allows me to easily share music with my young children. They are the best audience because their response is genuine excitement and love.

Here is a recording I made days after receiving the flute, it’s the first thing I played on the flute, which I thought was a nice little melody. I took a drive, trying to put my daughter to sleep, and stopped at a great lookout spot near my home once she nodded off. It was a beautiful sunny day. I took a few pictures to document the moment, pulled out the flute and played this melody looking out into the beauty with my daughter sleeping behind me. It was a very peaceful moment that I was able to capture in this simple video I put together. Enjoy.

A very special thanks to Tee for the flute, we will treasure it!



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