My first Lego set review!

I am what is known as an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), yes, this is a real term. I frequently visit a website called Brickset, which is a great site for Lego enthusiasts! Content includes constant up to date news on all things Lego, a database of all Lego sets past, present, and sometimes future, a tool to see what Lego sets you own as well as those you want, a user forum, reviews, and so much more! They also accept user submitted reviews. After reading some it got me thinking, I should submit a review! There was a perfect opportunity with a new little seasonal set I had that I was about to assemble, set #40056 Thanksgiving Feast. So I documented with pictures of the process and took notes (NERD!) along the way about things that stood out to me as noteworthy. I just thought this would be something fun to create, so I did it!

Here’s the link to see the review! Brickset Thanksgiving Feast review by jaitheartist.


Lego 40056 Thanksgiving Feast Polybag

Lego 40056 Thanksgiving Feast Polybag


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