Lego: Mini-Fig Myself

I freakin love Lego! To celebrate the DVD release of The Lego Movie, I thought I’d share the custom Lego mini figure I had made of myself by the fine folks at


The body has a custom decal of my first album cover. It came out really well! Pretty impressive considering how small these things are. Recently they upgraded their equipment to print directly onto the Lego pieces themselves, so they can make some pretty amazing and super custom stuff now. Check out some musicians and bands they have already created here. To name a few you can get Lego versions of The Beatles, Queen, Metallica, and a few brand new ones including Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and The Boss himself Bruce Springsteen!

I also put together another mini fig using standard Lego parts for my shaved head era. Here is a look at what I was trying to copy.


Now that there are two of me, I can jam with myself!


The Lego guitars, cases and amplifier I got from Firestartoys. They have a huge selection of mini figure parts and custom accessories. Huge.

Go mini fig yourself.



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