Defining artist…

Art is the projection of ideas which, just as water, present themselves in different shapes and forms. Artist is the one, who is not but a conduit reflecting what has always been, into a new subjective form of an experience, a unique contribution to the Universe.

This, is the cycle of life, the reincarnation of a creator.
– Agah Bahari

At its core, this blog is about creating, which I believe to be what life is all about. I document various personal creations on here,  music, guitars and the like, since it is, in fact, my blog. But I wish to promote and encourage creation in general. After all, the most important aspects of life are based in creation. Creating relationships, creating love, creating life, are of course deemed more important because they bring us the most emotional experience of living. But also, creating art is important because it is an expression of us taking place in the creative process, which is very God-like, and puts us more in touch with the Universe. So I’m always interested in finding ways to describe what this is that we feel we must do, as creators.

I saw this recently, and wanted to share because I love this definition of art and artist. It popped up on my Facebook feed the other day from my friend Agah Bahari, an artist of many forms, including music, film, photography, and writing. He first grabbed my attention while happening upon his first album, “The Second Sight of a Mind” from 2008. This is a progressive, instrumental rock guitar record that really impressed me. It’s an amazing and beautifully complicated work of art. After reaching out and talking to Agah a little I learned that he, like myself, was a left handed guitar player, so naturally my affinity for him was written in stone from that point on. 😉

I believe this to be a very accurate definition of what an artist does when creating art. It’s not creating something from nothing, but rather interpreting what is already there into a new representation, their art. We see different kinds of art, in different mediums yes, but look at all the variation within particular mediums. How come there are so many different styles of painters, or musicians, or photographers even? A dozen different photographers could take a picture of the same island sunset and they would look different. It is the artist, the creator, that is the key here. The art is a product of how the individual experiences that thing at that particular time and place, which is unique every time.

Anyway, I find it interesting and thought it was worth sharing and speaking on to others that find this stuff interesting. And thanks Agah, for the intellectual stimulation!

Click here to find links to download Agah’s album as well as get info on his other music projects. Or visit




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