Walter White: Guitar Salesman?

20131005-155320.jpgPerhaps while he was getting his chemistry degree, prior to co-founding Gray Matter Technologies and subsequently bailing on them and regretting it for life, or perhaps in the interim while getting his teaching degree, Walter White did time as a Guitar Center salesman. I know this for a fact you see, because I have proof in this receipt I recently found while looking through some old records. In the summer of 2000 I headed down to Seattle to the Guitar Center to pick up the first guitar I ever bought, a Black Fender acoustic guitar (left handed of course). I didn’t notice at the time, this nobody taking my money, since this was prior to his meth-cooking hay day, but as it turns out, it was Walter White that sold me my first guitar. (See bottom of pic).

Just a cool little tidbit for ya, be a good trivia question. 😉



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