Guitar Retrospective #4: “Samurai Sunset”

Starting point.

Ibanez RG7420 with Black Metallic finish

In December of 2006 I began work on my fourth guitar. I had found another deal on eBay for an Ibanez RG7420, a right handed 7 string electric guitar, born from the factory with a metallic black finish. It was dinged up a bit but that’s never a big deal on a refinish anyway.

Fabric panel I started with.

I already had the next piece of fabric picked out that I wanted to try, a Kona Bay asian kimono print, that I picked up at the local fabric store. They do some of my fabric asian fabrics. It had great color, a cool landscape and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. I figured there was no way this could look bad on a guitar.

I had developed some better methods by this point, and I was just getting better with practice for this one, so it turned out really well. I was also fine tuning the materials that worked better for me, and discovering some new products that worked wonders. I did the fabric on the front and back this time. Since I only had this one panel I had to get it right the first time and make efficient use of my material. (Side note: what makes these guitars especially unique is the fact that fabric prints run for a limited time. Only a certain amount is made. So it can be very difficult to track down a particular print after you’ve boughten it and it runs out at your local store. I had maybe boughten this fabric a year or two prior to actually getting around to using it, so this was all I had.) Luckily the print was laid out in such a way that it was just perfect for the guitar shape. The bottom half of the fabric went to the front, and the top section went to the back, and was just the look I was going for. Made my job really easy. I was also very pleased to no have to worry about a pick guard for this one since the body was rear-routed, a feature I really enjoy when doing these fabric finishes. You get more space for the print without being broken up by the guitar hardware. The guitar came with a black headstock so I didn’t mess with that, just left it as-is. And since it worked so well with the colors of the fabric, I painted the sides of the guitar black and did a black burst. With black hardware and covers on the back as well, it just couldn’t get any better than framing this art in black. And it made the colors on the print just POP.

Black sides and black hardware.

There’s not too much else to say about this one, other than that I’m extremely proud of it and very pleased with how well it turned out. I used this one to get some photos taken and feature it on my business cards and website. And this is one of the few I still have. Without further ado, here are more pictures!


"Samurai Sunset" Ibanez RG7420. Custom fabric finish by Jai Guitars.


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