Who or What is a Jai???

…Jai is a character, created to express the thoughts, creativity, beauty, and musical spirituality of a very normal person…

That’s just some line I came up with years ago to describe a newly developed nickname which defined a new side of me that was developing at the time, in my early 20’s. Being pretty shy and unsure about what I was creating, I thought it would be easier to have another name to hide behind. I picked Jai because of a couple reasons. For one, I saw it on t.v. while watching the news, there was a panda bear at the zoo named Kwon Jai, which they said meant, “Sweetheart”. I liked the way it looked and sounded, and thought it was appropriate for the peaceful type of music I had just begun to create on my guitar, which I was still trying to figure out. A couple years later, after fiddling with refinishing my guitars and thinking that was something else I would continue to experiment with, along with the music thing, I felt further justified in using the name for my creative endeavors by making an acronym out of it. My name is Joseph Anthony Wilbur, and since I was now using my imagination and being creative in completely new ways for me, I decided that Joseph Anthony’s Imagination was appropriate.

But really, I’m just a guy, in his early 30’s, who likes to create things. I play guitar, make music, refinish guitars, and enjoy dabbling in graphic design, web design, and making videos. This will be an outlet to share the things I create, maybe some things I like, and perhaps even a thought or two. And in the end maybe it’s just a place to work out my business in lieu of a therapist. 😉

So thank you for being here and sharing in this part of my life, my imagination!  🙂



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